1764 – REGINA ELENA – VITTORIO EMANUELE l.o.a. 144,6 m – 1:100

Class of battleships built on a project by Col. G.N. Vittorio Cuniberti; Regina Elena and Rome were built at the Arsenale della Spezia and launched on 19.6.1904 and 21.4.1907, while Vittorio Emanuele and Naples were built at the Castellammare di Stabia shipyard and launched on 12.10.1904 and 10.9.1905.
They constituted an evolution of armored cruisers, to obtain battleships with displacement of 13800- 14000 tons (p.c.).
The plan shows the ships as they were at the time of launching, Regina Elena and Vittorio Emanuele did not appear to have been modified until the radiation of 1923. The plan consists of 9 original plates from 1908: top view, side view, longitudinal section, bridges deck, battery, corridor, protection, hold, 21 cross sections
The following plans are available for boats: 12.25 m (No. 0148) steam boat; 9.50 m (No. 0542) rowing boat; 9 m (No. 0318) rowing boat; m.6 (n.0550) jole; and boat of m.4.50 (n.0155).