0007 – ANDREA DORIA (1913 – Battleship) – Scale 1:100

Launched on 1913.03.30 from the La Spezia Dockyard, during the 1st WW she was based in Taranto, but her war activity was of little importance.

After the war she remained in service until march 1937, when she undertake a complete rebuilt (see code 0008 for the ship as rebuilt).

Four plates with: lines, profile, bird’s eye  view and 5 cross sections

The ship was armed with 305/46 guns in twin towers (see code 2040), 152/45 guns (see code 2150), 76/45 guns (see code 2540) and two 40/39 machine guns (see code 2650)

Also available the plans of the 12.25 m  steam boat (see code 0148)