0010 – LITTORIO and VITTORIO VENETO battleships – Overall Length 237,80m – Scale 1:200

LITTORIO Class Battleships (Littorio and VITTORIO VENETO)

LITTORIO was launched on 1937.08.22 at the Ansaldo Dockyard in Genova Sestri,  On 1943.07.30 the name was changed in ITALIA  and at the end of the 2nd WW the ship was assigned to the US Navy as a consequence of the treaty of peace, but she remained in La Sezia harbour until 1948 when she was finally hulked.

Fifteen original plates with: lines, side view, bird’s eye view, longitudinal section, decks, hull plan, main cross section at 1/50 scale, masts at 1/75 scale  and masts details.

For  weapons, boats and aircrafts see the detailed list at code 0232.

For the power plants see codes 0803 (LITTORIO) and 0850 (VITTORIO VENETO)

A Lines Plan at  1/100 scale is also available on request as additional plate at code  C/83.

For further details see also the volume ¬†Le Navi da Battaglia Classe ‚ÄúLITTORIO‚ÄĚ 1937-1948¬† from E.Bagnasco and A.De Toro ‚Äď Published by E.Albertelli (Italian language ‚Äď see www.tuttostoria.it) ¬†