Contacts, Orders and shipments

Associazione Navimoddelisti Bolognesi

Headquarter in    Bologna, via San Mamolo 136/a – ITALY  

We are open every tuesday in the evening between 21.00 and 23.00 hrs (local time)

Phone:+39 051 3399153 (every tuesday evening between 21.00 and 23.00 hrs – local time)

Fax: +39.051.3399153 (same as the phone)

Please send normal letters (paper) to the following address:
Associazione Navimodellisti Bolognesi
Casella postale 852 (Piazza Minghetti)
40124 BOLOGNA – Italy

Please don’t send any paper letter to our headquarter address: they could get lost or, even if received, they could be received with high delay


VAT code. 02076850375

Bank account   

IBAN     IT41J0760102400000018894402


WARNING – As payment confirmation, please send copy of rthe receipt by fax or as e-mail attachment


Orders can be sent by e-mail, fax, surface mail (to the above mentioned address for normal letters)


Please remember to well specify in your order

  1. The code of the plan set
  2. Name and type of the ship, boat, weapon or other
  3. Date of launching (for the ships) or date of construction for weapons and other equipments

Example: 638 – ANDREA DORIA – Ocean liner – 1951

The specification is necessary in order to avoid any misunderstanding due to different ships with the same name: ANDREA DORIA we have the plans of the liner, two dreadnoughts (one launched in 1913 and the rebuilt of 1940) and a 1963 cruiser.


Any request of change of the plans due to wrong and/or incomplete order will be rejected


Orders are normally processed and shipped in 10-15 work-days after receipt of the order confirmation.

Plans are shipped through Italian Mail Service

We are very sorry to inform that, due to logistic problems, we can’t accept any request for a different type of shipment (private carriers and so on), even if a direct Pick-up by our headquarter is specifically organized by the customer.

If the weight is less than 2 Kg the parcel is shipped as “registered letter”, if the weight is above 2Kg the plans are shipped as International Air-Mail parcel

The shipment charges are at consignee’s expense and are depending from the final weight of the parcel and from the country of destination


Due to the high bank charges from the company handling the Credit Card payments,  from Countries inside the European Community we can accept payments  through international money transfer only (in advance as order confirmation).   ,

From Countries outside the European Community we can accept payements through Credit Card only (VISA or MASTERCARD, no AMERICAN EXPRESS)

Please send your card details (name, family name, card number, expiry date and security code) by e-mail but, for better security, please split the details in two different mails.  As the parcel will be ready for shipping, the total amount (plans and shjpping fees) will be directly charged to your card and the related invoice will be enclosed in the parcel or send by e-mail.