1751 – Cl. Bergamini (FREMM) l.o.a. 144 mt – 1:100

Nave Carlo Bergamini is the first unit of the Italian-French FREMM
(European Multi Mission Frigate) program. Set on 7 January 2008,
 it was launched on 16 July 2011 at the Riva Trigoso shipyard (GE).
 The preparation of the Unit was subsequently completed at the 
Muggiano Shipyard (SP).

Distinguished by the optical badge F 590, according to the 
NATO classification, the Unit was delivered to the Navy in July 2012.
Nave Carlo Bergamini is a new generation frigate of the 
General Purpose (GP) type, such as the F 595 Luigi Rizzo, 
characterized from the possibility of use in various operational 
contexts, while the following: Carabiniere, Fasan, Margottini,
 Alpino, are equipped in Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) configuration.
 Its discovery capabilities and armament make it suitable for carrying
 out all the missions typical of the Line units of this class

A documentation created by Gastone Piccoli on revised and updated 
original construction site drawings, variants for the two types.
 Construction plan created by Giancarlo Barbieri.

In five tables updated to 2015: construction plan - views of the hull
 of the right side, in plan, front, back -
 view of the hull of the left side, 
with some details at scale 1:50- 1:25

Five drawnings updated to 2015:  construction plan, outboard profile right and left,  upper deck, hull lines and offsets,  front and rear wiew, ,some details and weapons in scale 1:50-1:25

scala 1-200