1751-R – Cl. Bergamini (FREMM) l.o.a. 144 mt – 1:200

Headquartered at La Spezia Naval Base since May 29, 2013, ITS Carlo Bergamini is the first vessel handed over to the Italian Navy according to a joint program between Italy and France designed to develop a new generation frigate: the FREMM (European Multi- Mission Frigate). Laid down on January 7, 2008, launched at Riva Trigoso shipyard on July 16, 2008, ship Bergamini completed her fitting out at Muggiano shipyard, La Spezia.
According to NATO classification, the vessel was delivered to the Italian Navy with the optical badge F 590  on July 2012. Available in various versions, the FREMM Carlo Bergamini was designed in the GP (General Purpose) variant, capable of operating in a wide range of scenarios, while the others frigates Carabiniere, Fasan, Margottini, Alpino Рhave been designed in the ASW (Anti Submarine) version. Her high flexibility, detection capabilities and armament enable the vessel to operate in the following tactical situations.
Four drawnings
Bergamini -1751a