0001 – DUILIO (1876) – length over all 109,20 m – Scale 1:50

The most powerful battleshio at that time

Launched on 1876.05.08 from the Castellammare di Stabia dockyard, she took service in February 1881, she did never see any action and she was finally hulked in June 1909.

From the original dockyard plans, a set of seven plates with frames lines, longitudinal section with the position of the frames, decks (main and upper deck), 13 cross sections and detail of the 25mm machine gun fitting on the 40′ steam boat..

IThe ship was armed with 450/20,4 muzzle loaded cannons (Plan set at the code 2005), 120/32 cannons (code 2356 – currently not available) and small-calibre guns (plans at the codes 2630, 2663)

Sister ship of the same class was the  DANDOLO, launched from the Spezia dockyard in 1878

At the code 1480 one further set of plans is available at scale 1:100