0006 – CONTE DI CAVOUR (1911) – Overall length. 176,10 m – 1:100

Launched on 1911.08.10 from La Spezia Dockyard, during the 1st WW she did never see any action, but was anyhow in service until 1933 when she did undertake a complete rebuilt (see plans at codes 0900-Original project for the rebuilding,  0072-As launched in 1937 after rebuilt,   0313-As modified at the beginning of the 2nd WW).

Four plates from the original dockyard plans:  lines, profile, bird’s eye view and 9 cross sections

The battleships Conte di Cavour, Giulio Cesare and the sister ship Leonardo da Vinci, were armed with 305/46 cannons (see code 2040), 120/50 cannons (see code 2275), 76/50 cannons (see code 2530) and 76/40 cannons (see code 2556)