0008 – DUILIO and ANDREA DORIA – As rebuilt (1940/’41) Overall length . 186,90 m – Scale 1:100

As mentioned at the codes 0007 and 0250, the two battleships DUILIO and ANDREA DORIA were completely rebuilt between 1937 and 1940 by the Tirreno Dockyard in Genova

At the end of the reconstruction, the two ships resulted of much better quality if compared to CESARE and CAVOUR, the battleships already in service since 1937 after the rebuilt in the years 1933-1937.   The main difference was in the anti-aircraft and anti-torpedo-boat armament, similar to the armament of the Vittorio-Veneto class battleships.

Still in service after the end of the 2nd WW, both ships were hulked in 1956

From the original dockyard plans, a set of ten plates dated 1940 with the 1941 modifications: lines, profile, bird’ eye view, decks, 11 cross sections and layout of the armament

The ships were armed with 320/44 cannons (see code No. 2035), 135/45 cannons (see code No.2250), 90/50 anti-aircraft cannons (see code No.2490), Breda 37/54 machine-guns (see codes Nos. 2657 and 2660) and Breda 20/65 machine-guns (see code No.2685)

Also available the boat plans : 13 m launch (see code No.0403), 12.25 m diesel motor-boat (see code No. 0404), 10,45m racing-launch (see code No.0150), 10 m motorboats (see codes Nos.0406 and 0455), 8.60 m unsinkable launch (see code No.0308)

Also available the plans for the ships power-plant :    DUILIO at code 0851 and DORIA at code  0804 .