0009 – GIULIO CESARE (Ricostruita – 1937) – l.f.t. 186,40 m – 1:100

As mentioned at  code 0303, the original 1st WW ship (launched in 1911) was completely rebuilt between 1933 and 1937.

During the 2nd WW the new battleship was at both Punta Stilo and Teulada Cape battles, but in the years after.she didn’t see any important action more .

As a consequence of the treaty of peace at the end of the war, on 1949.02.06  the ship was given to the Russian Navy and renamed  Novorossiisk. On 1965.10.29 she sunk in Sebastopol harbour as a consequence of an internal explosion, whose causes were never cleared.

From the original plans dated July 1937 a set of 10 plates with: lines, profile, bird’s eye view, longitudinal section, decks, hull, 11 cross sections plus one plate showing the ship in the Russian version.

For both weapons and boats see the complete list at code 0072 (conte di Cavour).

For the power plant general layout see both codes  0805 and 0782, the second one concerning some specific options and additional equipments of this ship.