0011 – LIBIA l.o.a. 111,90 m – Scale1:100

Originally ordered from the Turkish Navy (name Drama), at the beginning of the war between Italy and Turkey the still uncompleted ship was requisitioned from the Italian Navy and finally launched on 1912.11.11.

Originally classified as 4th class battleship, the LIBIA was later defined as Pathfinder, again as cruiser in 1929 and finally hulked in 1937

From the original Ansaldo Dockyard plans, two plates with lines, side view, bird’s eye view, longitudinal section and upper deck

A Lines Plan at  1/50 scale is also available on request as additional plate at code  C/47

The ship was armed with two 152/50 cannons (see code 2140), eight 120/45 cannons (see code 2320) and minor weapons