0292 * OSTIA CLASS MINELAYERS – DARDANELLI, MILAZZO, OSTIA and other – L.o.a. 62,57 m – 1:50

OSTIA class Minelayers

The Minelayers of the OSTIA Class were a project dated 1924 from Adm. Rotondi (Italian Royal Navy Engineering Dept.).

The project was specifically studied with the target to obtain a multi-purpose ship, who could be employed both as minelayer and  minesweeper

The total displacement was 1.000 tonn.(about),top speed 15 knots,  an operational range of 2150 miles and they could carry on board 80 mines for a total weight of 86 tons

Dardanelli, Milazzo and  Ostia, were originally equipped with additional sails and they were launched in 1925 by the Monfalcone Dockyard (near Trieste).

In 1938 Dardanelli and Milazzo were sold to Venezuela and used as gunboats with the names  of General Soublette and General Urdaneta,

During the 2nd WW  Ostia, was operating in the Italian colonies in East Africa but on the 8th of April, 1941 she was sunk in Massaua  from the crew to avoid capture.

Four plates at  1:50 scale with: lines, side view, decks, hold, 8 cross sections, and layout of guns and machine guns (a draft dated March 1932 in which the 76/45 cannon is not shown)

The ships of the class were Azio, Lepanto, Legnano, Dardanelli, Milazzo  and Ostia (see also at the codes 0300 and 0301)

The ships were armed with two 102/35 S ‚Äď 1914 cannons ( bow and stern platforms – ANB code 2380), one 76/45 S ‚Äď 1911 cannon (amidship platform ‚Äď ANB code 2540 ‚Äď missing in some plate), two a.a. twin machine-guns Hotchkiss 13,2 (ANB code 2730) and six 6,5mm Colt machine guns (ANB code 2760)

For what is concernig the ship boats the following plans are available. ANB codes  0410, 0547 e 0671

NOTE ‚Äď Some difference in the boats lay-out among the different ships of the class,

For what is concerning the mines the following plans are also available: ANB Codes  2825, 2828, 2850