0638 – ANDREA DORIA – Length over all 213.59m – Scale 1:100

Launched from the Ansaldo dockyard in Genova-Sestri on the 16th of July, 1951,  she took service in 1953 for the Italia Company of Genova on the North Atlantic line brtween Genova and New York

At the time she was considered a masterpiece of the Italian naval engineering.

She sunk in atlantic on the 26th of July 1956 after she had been rammed from the Swedish liner STOCKHOLM.

Full load displacement 29700 t -Top engine power 52000 Hp РNormal service speed 23 knots РTotal crew  600 men РTop transport capacity 1248 passengers

13 big sheets from original dockyard plans dated  1952.11.23:  sheer, profile (starboard side view), longitudinal section and decks

Also available (on demand) the sheer plan at 1:50 scale