1729 * RMS SYLVANIA l.o.a. 608′ 3” scale 1:100-200

RMS Sylvania was an ocean liner built in 1957 by John Brown & Co (Clydebank), Glasgow, Scotland for the United Kingdom-based shipping company Cunard Line. She was the last Cunard Line vessel built specifically for transatlantic crossings. The ship was later heavily rebuilt as a cruise ship, and sailed under the names SS Fairwind, SS Sitmar Fairwind, SS Dawn Princess and SS Albatros before being scrapped in 2004. She was renamed SS Genoa for her last voyage.


In sette tavole originali datate ottobre 1956: piano di costruzione scala 1:100, piano di costruzione scala 1:200;  in  scala 1:200  :  vista laterale e sezione ; pianta dei ponti bussola, navigazione, sport, imbarcazioni, passeggiata ; pianta dei ponti principale, A, R; pianta dei ponti B, C, D;   pianta dei ponti deposito,doppio fondo.