1302 – ARALDO l.o.a. 30,80 m – 1:50

The plan (one plate only) is an interesting study-draft
concerning a typical italian brig-goletta (without square sails at the main
mast) of the beginning of the 20th century, but the
construction of  a model from such plate could be undertaken from a
well skilled modelmaker only and, moreover, with additional
documentation for the deck.equipments and  mostly for masting and

The plate was designed from a wellknown italian naval architect (Mr. Sergio Spina) by
taking over lines and hull details from the real ship, but it’s¬†(enough) complete for what is concerning the hull framing only.

The deck details (planking,  capstan, pumps, racks for the belaying
pins and so on) are indeed  completely missing and the
masting and rigging plan  is only a sketch.

As conclusion , to build an ARALDO model it would be absolutely necessary to get some more additional documentation as well, i.e. our code  1490 Р(DELFO  and   ROMEO РTwo plates from Mr Spina also) Рor the code 1010 and or 1013 (POLARIS  and  GRECALE ), two well detailed plans from Mr. Alvaro Matteucci, a shipmodel designer who did produce a lot of plans specifically drawn for modelmakers